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Membership and Dues



Why join ACFW and HIS Writers (ACFW North Denver Chapter)?

  • National Support -- We are part of a larger national organization called American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).
  • Networking -- As part of a national organization, we are able to offer you opportunities to meet fellow writers. Also, our monthly meetings give you the chance to meet fellow writers in the area.
  • Education -- ACFW offers a national conference each year, and also offers online writing courses. HIS Writers hosts published professionals at regular monthly meetings, giving you access to a variety of opportunities to learn from the best, plus hosts a professional one-day writing seminar in November.
  • Mentoring -- Through ACFW you can join an online critique group. HIS Writers also has two local critique groups in place.
  • Personal touch -- You can subscribe to a myriad of e-mail loops such as a general discussion forum, prayer group, and mentoring groups through ACFW. Fellowship is a priority where the opportunity to develop friendships abounds.
  • Spiritual -- While there is no requirement that every member of ACFW and HIS Writers adhere to the same doctrine, we do believe in one supreme God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, as a trinity. Spending time with other writers who believe the same way you do can provide immeasurable support for your faith life and your writing life.

Who May Join?
Do you love to write? Do you dream of becoming published one day? Then our organization is for you!

What if I'm not yet published?
Many of our members as unpublished, they are working TOWARD publication. Here you will find training in fiction writing and information about the Christian fiction industry that will help you reach the Lord’s goals for your writing. Note that His goals may or may not include publication, but we will work with you, encourage you, and pray for you while you find out.

What if I'm under 18?
Teen members over the age of fourteen (14) are welcome to join HIS Writers (ACFW North Denver Chapter). Our policy is that your parent or guardian will be notified after you submit your membership application. This does not change age requirements for holding office, attending conferences, seminars, or workshops, and entering contests where an age minimum of eighteen (18) is required.

How to Join

  • To join ACFW and become a national member, go to the ACFW website and click on Membership > Memberhsip Application, or click on the direct link here. In the area that says Referral - Who may we thank? put ACFW Colorado Coordinator. This link is for new members only. National membership is required before local chapter membership can be granted. First year dues are $65.
  • To join HIS Writers and become a local chapter member, you may do one of the following:
  • Local chapter dues are $15/year



ACFW National
Dues renewal for ACFW is $45 per year. To renew your national membership, click here.

HIS Writers
Dues renewal for a regular HIS Writers membership is $15 per year. Associate membership is $7.50, and includes all the benefits of a regular membership but without voting rights or the right to hold a chapter office. To receive associate membership status you must have a full membership with another local chapter.

All dues renew in January. To renew your chapter membership, choose your membership type then click "Submit." You will be taken to a payment screen, then to PayPal's secure website. National membership must be current before you can renew chapter membership.


Regular membership renewal
Associate membership

If you would like to make a full or partial donation toward someone else's dues, please click here.


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